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Life together

Missional Communities

For us, a missional community is not just a bible study, it’s not just a fellowship group, it’s not just a social action club, it’s not just a support group, and it’s certainly not just a weekly meeting. Healthy missional communities include all of those things over time, but it’s a family of missionaries learning to follow Jesus in every area of their lives.


What is a missional community? It is a small group of people who pray, encourage, and work together to live out the gospel in everyday life. They also meet regularly in a home for a meal and time together. Our second part of the Growth Track is called Life Together. We believe life change happens best in the context of relationships.

We want everyone to experience the beauty of life together as the church.

MID-Week MCs

We have three missional community groups that help serve our kids and student ministries on Wednesday nights.   

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