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From the beginning discussions about where we might buy land, we have felt like we needed land on or at least very close to Batesville Blvd.  Our preference would be near the center of Southside. We started out thinking 5 acres would be enough. After trying to look at placing a building on 5 acres and evaluating parking, we became concerned that 5 acres may not be enough for now and the future. We would like to have some room for other buildings (like a student center) if needed in the future. We also sought counsel from the state SBC group. They also felt like 5 acres was less land than desirable for a church that is our size and still growing.  We now believe that we need 7 or 8 acres, or at least the potential to obtain that amount of land. 


Over the past year, we have looked at a total of at least fourteen different properties.  Many of these we have physically walked over. Wesley has taken Mike Hatfield to look at several of the options to determine an estimate to do dirtwork.  We considered this along with the purchase price for each of these pieces of land. 


We eliminated a couple of options because we did not have a good option to get to 7 - 8 acres.  We eliminated several other options because the estimated price of the necessary dirt work along with the purchase price were just too expensive. 


After much work and prayer, we have recommended the purchase of Tim and Janice Fairchild’s land at the 1/11/2024 Prayer meeting. The property is where their mobile home dealership used to be on the east side of Batesville Blvd, slightly south of the elementary school. The address is 2563 Batesville Blvd. The initial purchase we are recommending includes the gravel area that was the mobile home sales area and the brick house behind this area. The small mobile home bldg that is currently there would be moved and is not included. The total amount of land is just under 5 acres, including the road easement. See the old satellite image below. The land outlined in red is what we are recommending for this initial purchase. The cost will be $500,000. Tim and Janice have graciously offered this to us at no interest for up to 3 years.  


We believe this will be adequate land for the current building needs. Tim and Janice have agreed to give us a “right to refuse” on the 2-3 acres behind this land for a few years. This will allow us to postpone the purchase of this additional land and let us focus on a building in the near future. If we see we do need this land in the future, we will have the option to buy the land at that time. This land is outlined in blue on the satellite image.


The major benefits of Tim and Janice’s land are:

  • The additional dirt work for this land will be minimal. This land was leveled with a solid foundation for the mobile home dealership.

  • This property has a good brick house that can be used immediately for offices, meeting space, small groups, Bible studies, etc.  Chad needs an office and we need meeting space. This house will meet that need.  

  • This property has two wide access points to the road already built.


Please visit with an elder if you have any further questions or concerns.

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